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Chomp chomp chomp. I eat you. Have a nice day.

My Violent Dreams- About this song

Sing this song to the tune of "My Favorite Things." The lyrics for this song were written by Veronica, Danica, and Teresa. Enjoy :D We made it up during a field trip in 6th grade when we were going to the art museum. 

My Violent Dreams

Teardrops on roses and bloodstains on kittens

Cuts from sharp nettles and cold, broken mittens.

When I wake up I'm all covered with seams

These are a few of my violent dreams...


Cut-throat dead ponies and human filled strudle

Spike-balls and eyeballs and flea bitten poodles.

Innocent children whipped up into creams

These are a few of my violent dreams...


Ghosts in ripped dresses and armed with sharp hatchets

Dark scary forests burned down with hot matches.

My teacher got hit with a large wooden beam

These are a few of my violent dreams...


When the sun shines

When the plants bloom

When I'm feeling glad...

I simply remember my violent dreams

And then I will feel

So mad!!!!!!!!

Once Upon a Very Merry Day-About this song

This is a song Veronica made up about some birds. There are some other variations of the verses, but this is the base. I can't explain the tune, but you can make up your own.

Once Upon a Very Merry Day

Once upon a very merry day

when all the birds go play,

they squawk and they squeak

and they chirp and they peep

and they did it all day

until they went to sleep! 

And He Has a Necklace Too!- About this song

This is a weirdo song. It describes what people are wearing. This song is by Veronica, Danica, Teresa, Justin, and Jerry. We made this song during lunchtime one boring boring random day.

And He Has a Necklace Too!                                                             

Barefoot Beach in North Naples Florida,

There's a sunset and a black palm tree.


Nova...Speedo...swimming !

And some blue...plaid...shorts

And some colorful converse shoes!


He has a green long sleeeevee

And some black...stuff...pants...

He has some fat beige shoes

And his socks have a big black stripe...